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I was bored and needed a break in between working on finals.


Mun will (hopefully, most likely) be at Florida Supercon this year. Wasn’t planning on going, but Rumble/Ziggs VA is there again and he’s my favorite because he’s just the sweetest man I’ve met at any con next to Wukong’s VA. If anyone else is going to be there, or is planning on going raise your hand, or clap, or throw a cookie at the screen, or something; I wanna know who else may be there. I want to give you real hugs and not just internet ones.

So what you're saying is, you still love the character, but dont have the motivation to push on with playing as her. It's ok, hun. Take your time coming back, we miss ya, and its nice to see ya round every now and then. But if you don't feel the character, it could turn out bad for lots of people if you kept trying just because you don't wanna leave the blog. So until you get your motivation for her back, just have fun and be safe. :D

Yes, pretty much. Thank you though, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I don’t want to get to a point where I want to leave tumblr completely, I really don’t, that’s why I tried making the other blog; to keep myself still doing something while I wait to see if I’m able to come back to this blog completely and get back into working on stuff for it.

Does this mean you're back? :D

Nope, just felt like drawing Ahri for April Fools. Just because I lost the motivation to answer asks and do anything with the blog itself. doesn’t mean I don’t still draw her every once and a while. 

// Miracle Paint Ahri for April Fools cause of all these hat shenanigans. 
I get distracted too easily, or else this would have been done hours ago :T

// Miracle Paint Ahri for April Fools cause of all these hat shenanigans. 

I get distracted too easily, or else this would have been done hours ago :T

Another PSA

Before I say anything else: Thank you to those who are being super supportive. I really do appreciate it. Especially those who have been following the blog for so long and who’s names I always see saying that they liked or reblogged something.

For those who still want to see any of the artwork I do, I have a new blog for a League OC here and my deviantart here

If all you care about is Ahri stuff, I still don’t know when I’ll start drawing that again, so you’ll just have to sit tight and be patient. 

If all you want is WukongxAhri shipping then I’m going to flat out say don’t get your hopes up too high. To be quite honest, it feels like that’s all a lot of people are looking for with this blog. Its hard to post asks when they’re all about the same things; especially things I’ve answered already. There are some I have sitting around to do when I can think of a reply as well as some that I’d rather save until a better opportunity to use them comes along. But when I get asks that I can’t work with or have already answered, then I’m not going to do anything with them.

I haven’t stopped it even though at the moment I’m seriously considering doing so. I needed a break from it. Even though I have something planned for it, I’ve just lost all motivation to actually do anything. The thought alone of doing anything here makes me feel more irritated and cranky than usual. 

I’ve been feeling like absolute shit for the past couple of months and this blog was only making it worse; tumblr in general was, but logging on to this blog didn’t help at all on top of the other things that have been going on. Yeah there were some anons being annoying and pissing me off since they apparently like to jump to conclusions or not read the stuff I say here which would clear things up, but I can easily ignore them and just delete the message. More or less a waste of time on their half so they weren’t much of an issue. 

Why some people went to bother Gaby about where I’ve been or what’s going to happen to this blog rather than coming to the source I don’t understand. For those who did check in both here and on deviantart thanks, and for those who just messaged with the kind words or checked on me in skype thanks again. Had to save the messages here to go back and read to try and feel better.

Please don’t bother asking what happened, I’d rather not even begin to try and explain everything. Still feel like crap most of the time to be honest but its slowly getting better. Talking to my babies on skype and working on this new cosplay when I’m not being a sad antisocial sack in the corner helps. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen to the blog. Like I said, I have ideas for stuff, but I just have no motivation. The worst outcome: I end up closing it completely or I’d close asks and just post little Ahri or League related drawings. So just… bear with me here. It’s easier for me to not deal with this blog right now and the most I’m doing here is checking messages.

// Mun needs time to get things sorted out. When I feel less like shit I’ll get back to stuff here. 

// Ok, so mun is officially back in school, and after yesterday and today I can safely say that I’ll more than likely be less active again. This is mainly due to the fact that I will have to be doing a lot of drawing and such for two of my classes and the other is online which means I’ll have more work than if I was in a classroom. So art wise, I’ll be sticking to what has already been planned out and will need to be drawn. If I get any asks relating to those events then I’ll try to answer them, or if I have the time to work on random asks I’ll do those. Heck, if anything comes up and I can think of a quick response to it I’ll probably make something. But other than the blog here I also want to try and be more active in one of the rp groups I’m in on deviantart, so I’ll have to make a lot of art for there as well. Then there’s always the video game breaks for whenever I need to stop drawing for a while. So just bear with me, I’m only human unfortunately, and have to balance the fun stuff like this blog on top of school and other life issues.

// In the mean time, if you all want to help me out, you can send me some M!A’s. I have a few saved up that I can make work together, but who knows, maybe you guys can send in some more to make what I have set up even better. So if you have anything in mind send it in and we’ll see if it gets used for what I have planned. Thank you for sticking around and being supportive as always, I love you guys!

// mun has been kinda bored today so here, have a random thing.

// mun has been kinda bored today so here, have a random thing.